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17 July – International Criminal Justice Day

Ljubljana, 15 July 2016 – 17 July will mark the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the permanent International Criminal Court (ICC), which has the power to prosecute perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. On this occasion, we would like to underline the importance of, and express full support for, the ICC, in the establishment of which Slovenia was actively involved.

The ICC is considered a major achievement of international law. Its establishment illustrates the importance of the evolving notion of state sovereignty and a shift to understanding it as a responsibility towards individuals.

Today, the ICC is the most significant tool for preventing and punishing crimes in cases when states themselves are unable or unwilling to persecute perpetrators. In this sense, the Court contributes to implementing international humanitarian law, human rights and the rule of law. Another important aspect of the Rome Statute of the ICC is that it denies heads of state immunity from prosecution. 
Today, the ICC has 124 members. The Court is currently investigating the situation in Sudan (the Darfur case), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Kenya, Libya, the Ivory Coast, Mali and Georgia. Preliminary investigations are being conducted in nine situations: in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Guinea, Iraq/UK, Nigeria, Ukraine and Palestine, and the case of the registered vessels of Comoros, Greece and Cambodia.

Slovenia promotes the ICC's universality, integrity and efficiency, expressing its support for the Court both in multilateral forums and at the bilateral level. As a member of the Bureau of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute, Slovenia participates in seeking solutions and in steering the Assembly's work. Slovenia will promote the activation of the amendments to the Rome Statute adopted in Kampala (Uganda) in June 2010, and continue to reaffirm the obligation to cooperate fully with the ICC.